Apodos o "nicknames" de los aviones del LAB. 








      In the early days of Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, in the 1920's, aircraft were not assigned a registration number and were given a name, whether officially or unofficially I don't know. Such names as "Illimani", "Vanguardia" and "Oriente" appear on the records and occasional photos. Starting sometime around 1930 - 1932 aircraft arriving in Bolivia were given a registration number beginning with the prefix "CB"; and starting in 1953 the prefix of "CP" was given to existing planes and all new aircraft coming into service in the country.                                                                                                     Many years later, in the 1990's I think, some of LAB's aircraft appear with a name or "nickname" painted on the side of the nose. This has been of interest to me since 1997 when on a trip to Bolivia with four of my sons and my wife we started noticing these names on some of the aircraft we flew on as we traveled around the country. I'm sure that somewhere, someone must have a complete list of these "nicknames" and knowledge of how, when and by whom were these names decided on and applied to certain aircraft, and why they disappeared.

      This is my list, along with photographic evidence, when available,  in each case. This is a work in progress and I will try to add more names as I find them.



CP-861   "City of Sucre" 



Photo: Andy Martin - airliners.net 




CP-1070   "City of Puerto Suarez" 

Photo: Ralf Hoffmann - Flugzeugbilder.de 


CP- 1070 "City of Tarija" ?? 


Photo: Bruno Orofino - jetphotos.net 



CP- 1223  "City of  ?? " 



Photo: Stuart Jessup - Air-Britain Photographic Images 


CP-1276  "City of Cochabamba"



Photo: Stuart Jessup - Air-Britain Photographic Images 


CP-1366  "Ezequiel 36:36" 



Photo: aviacionboliviana.net 



CP-1367  "City of Santa Cruz" 


Photo: ML Anderson 



Photo: ML Anderson 



  Photo: Kevin Colbran - Air-Britain Photographic Images





CP-1367  "Juan Pablo II" 







Photo: Michael Flebbe - Air-Britain Photographic Images 



Photo by Lukas Kinneswenger - Salzburg Aviation Spotter


CP- 1698  "Bolivia" 



Photo: David Hartman - airliners.net 

CP-2013  "Reina Beatrix" 



Photo: ?


CP-2013 "Cobija" 

Photo: Kirstin van Kripen - airliners.net 

CP-2294  "City of Potosi" 




Photo: Andy Martin - airliners.net 


Photo: ML Anderson 


CP-2307  "Villa de Oropeza" 



Photo: Bill Hough - airliners.net 


CP-2313  "Paititi" 



Photo: Rodrigo Egas - jetphotos.net 




CP-2323  "City of Oruro"  



Photo: Andy Martin - airliners.net 

CP-2324  "Virgen de Urkupina"  



Photo; Jose Francisco Gouvea V. Filho - airliners.net 

CP-2391  "Tunari"  



Photo: Renato Viani - jetphotos.net 

CP-2425 "Madrileno" 




photo: Snorre - airliners.net 


CP-2426  "Oriente"  



Photo by Emmanuel Tula - courtesy of  www.aeropuertocordoba.blogspot.com

Detail of a photo by Emmanuel Tula - www.aeropuertocordoba.blogspot.com 


CP-2428  "Ekeko"  



Photo: Haroldo Fuiza Junior - jetphotos.net 



CP-2464  ""El Aguileno" 


No photo found; might have been a name intended for use with AeroSur, but never went into service. 



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CP-1223 name "City of Trinidad"