LAB Junkers Ju 86 en El Alto, La Paz

Aviation 101        Junkers Ju 86                              


The Junkers Ju 86 was a German monoplane bomber and civilian airliner designed in the early 1930's and introduced into service in 1936. It was used in the Spanish Civil War and in the early part of World War II, but was replaced by more advanced aircraft.

 Many of the survivors entered into civilian service as passenger airliners and cargo carriers. Only one intact Ju 86 is known to exist today; in a museum in Sweden.                               



Junkers Ju 86 



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Junkers Ju 86 Aircraft  -  LAB Fleet                       

Detailed histories and photos of four aircraft

operated by Lloyd Aereo Boliviano                       



CB-23                    "Illimani"                                   



Excellent comparison of Ju 86 "Illimani" and Ju 52 "Huanuni" -  1937 



Junkers Ju 86 -BO/Z7               c/n  860013            




Built by Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke AG (JFM) in Dessau,Germany                       1936 ?  


LAB                                                          CB-23                                                                   Mar 1937

     - purchased directly from Junkers                                                                                     Dec 1936  

     - this aircraft arrived by ship in Arica, Chile; was assembled, tested and flown to La Paz              

     - used for passenger service until 1942                                                                                              


FAB                                                             No. 1                                                               2 Aug 1942

     - transferred from LAB to Bolivian military                                                                                      

     - named "Cap. Beltran" and given the registration number "1"                                                                                                                    


Accident -                                                                                                                            8 Mar 1943        - forced landing on banks of Rio Chapare due to fuel exhaustion during a storm                            

     - repaired and returned to service                                                                                                      


Accident -                                                                                                                                Jan 1944  

     - occurred in or near Santa Catalina, Moxos, Beni                                                      

     - no other details are available                                                                                    

     - aircraft was repaired and stored in a LAB hangar at Trinidad until 1948                                  

     - the military attempted to sell the aircraft back to LAB, but it was too deteriorated        

     - its fate is unknown                                                                                                                                    








"Illimani" in El Alto     Photo:  





                      "Mariscal Santa Cruz"                       



A similar Junkers Ju 86 


Junkers Ju 86  Z7                    c/n  860234      




Built by Junkers JFM in Dessau, Germany                    reg. no.  ?                                          1937 ?    


LAB                                                                                                                                    5 Mar 1938  

     - three Ju 86 aircraft, including this one, were purchased directly from Junkers                              

     - all three arrived together by ship in Arica, Chile; were assembled, tested and flown to La Paz    

     - aircraft with the construction number 860234 was named (baptized) "Mariscal Santa Cruz"  


FAB                                                                 No. 2                                                                     1940

     - transferred from LAB to the Bolivian military                                                                              

     - aircraft was given the registration number "2"                                                                                


Accident  -                                                                                                                           21 Jul 1941        - Pilot: Tte. Jorge Eulert, mechanics Sbtte. Alfredo del Rio and Sof. Nestor Fiorilo                        

     - Approaching Cochabamba with a crew of three and transporting cargo the starboard engine      

       caught fire. A successful emergency landing was performed in Cochabamba. No serious injuries          to the crew but the aircraft was destroyed by fire.                                                                          







                                     "General Perez"                                                                                                  


           Ju 86  "General Perez", then "Cap. Monasterios"    -   Photo:                                                                                                                                                                           

Junkers Ju 86 Z7                  c/n  860237     




Built by Junkers JFM in Dessau, Germany               reg. no.  ?                                                  1937 ?


LAB                                                                                                                                     5 Mar 1938

     - one of the group of three, purchased from Junkers, shipped to Arica, then flown to La Paz          

     - this aircraft was named (baptized) "General Perez"                                                                        


FAB                                                                       No. 3                                                    8 Nov 1939  

     - returned by LAB to the Bolivian government for use in the military                                              

     - name was changed to "Cap. Monasterios" with the registration number "3"                                  


Accident                                                                                                                              8 Mar 1943  

     Two of the Ju 86 aircraft were on a training flight together. Aircraft No. 1 "Cap. Beltran" piloted by Captain Alberto Alarcon and No. 3 "Cap. Monasterios" with Captain Sinesio Moreno and Lt. Armando Suarez at the controls. Because of adverse weather conditions, the planes became lost and ran out of gas, forcing them to make emergency landings on the banks of the Rio Chapare north of Cochabamba. No major injuries were incurred but Captain Moreno drowned trying to cross the river. Aircraft No. 1 was salvaged and returned to military service, but No. 3 could not be saved and was eventually turned over to military officials at the port of Todos Santos for use as spare parts for the last surviving Ju 86, aircraft No.1 / CB-23 / "Illimani" / "Cap. Beltran".                                                                                                                                                                





                           "Mariscal Sucre"                           


A similar Ju 86 operated by Manchukuo Airways 





Junkers Ju 86 Z7                    c/n  860240    




Built by Junkers JFM in Dessau, Germany                reg. no.  ?                                             1937  ?


LAB                                                                                                                                  5 Mar 1938

     - one of the group of three aircraft purchased directly from Junkers - see above                          

     - this aircraft was named (baptized)  "Mariscal Sucre"   


Accident                                                                                                                          14 Dec 1938    


     On a passenger flight from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba, the flight crew experienced engine failure caused by a malfunctioning fuel pump. The resulting forced landing destroyed the aircraft but left the crew and an unknown number of passengers without serious injuries. The LAB pilot was Hermann Schrot, whose skill under duress saved many lives that day. The wreckage of "Mariscal Sucre" remained where it landed near Jayhuayco, outside of Cochabamba, until 9 Jan 1943 when it was turned over to the Bolivian government, by LAB, to be used for spare parts.                                      




A similar Ju 86 operated by South African Airways 



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