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The Junkers W 33 was a German single-engine transport 

aircraft based on the design of the 1919 Junkers F.13. It was

aerodynamically and structurally advanced for its time - the

1920's, a clean, low-wing all-metal monoplane. Between

1926 and 1934, a total of 199 aircraft were built, most of

 them at the Junkers plant in Dessau, Germany. The most

 famous W 33 was probably the "Bremen" which completed

 the first East to West crossing of the Atlantic in 1928. 

Junkers W 33







The Junkers W 34 was developed from the Junkers W 33 and was introduced in 1926. By the time production ceased, a total of about 3,000 aircraft had been built for civilian and military use. A military version, the K.43, was used in the Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay.





Deutsche Luft Hansa  W 34 










Guinea Airways W 34 










Also the Facebook Page:

                       "Friends of Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano" 










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Detailed Histories and photos of four aircraft operated by Lloyd Aereo Boliviano 




CB-19              "Mururata"                                                                                                                    

The Junkers W 33 "Bremen" D-1167 was the first plane to fly the Atlantic, East to West, from Ireland to Canada; in Apr 1928 



Junkers W 33                        c/n  2756                    




Built by Junkers JFM  -  Dessau, Germany                                                                                        ?  


Deutsche Luft Hansa  DLH                             D-2018                                                          Apr 1931  

     - named "Bukowina"                                                                                                                          


Accident:                                                     "                                                           13 Jan 1933  



Report from Aviation Safety Network website:                                                                                                                                                              













Junkers W.33f


Deutsche Lufthansa



C/n / msn:



Fatalities: / Occupants:

Airplane damage:

Written off (damaged beyond repair)


Tanagra -    Greece





Departure airport:

Tanagra Airport

Destination airport:



"Bukowina" crashed


The Hugo Junkers Homepage

World Airliner Crashes/Terry Denham


Additional interesting information found at "Nordic Air Crash Mail" website by John Thiesen:                                                         



 13 Jan 1933



Crash site

Tanagra, Greece


Deutsche Lufthansa


Junkers W 33 – D-2018 – Bukowina


Vienna – Budapest – Sofia – Salonica – Athens


2 – both survived




The crash

Due to bad weather the pilots were unable to locate the Tatoi airport north of Athens, so they decided to return to Salonica before it was getting dark. They soon realized that they would not have enough fuel to reach Salonica, so they decided to try and reach the smaller airport at Tanagra. It was already dark and the plane missed the runway and landed in a field near the airport. The plane turned over and crashed.

The plane was later transported to the Phaliron Air Base.


The mail

The plane carried 13 bags of mail from Austria and Germany destined for Greece, Africa and Asia. All the bags were recovered and transported from Tanagra to Athens G.P.O. by car. Three bags were labeled for Athens (from Vienna, München and Oderbeg-Kanderzyn). The post office opened these bags and the contents were 3, 458 and 291 pieces of mail respectively. Of these 742 items, only 17 were for Athens or the rest of Greece. The remaining 10 bags were not opened by the Greek Post. 

The Greek post did not mark the mail in any ways, so mail can only be identified via the different postmarks.

So far I have only recorded one item related to the Nordic countries – a cover from Denmark to Egypt.


Examples of mail

Cover from Charlottenlund, Denmark to Cairo, Egypt. The postmarks on the back show that the cover was in Berlin on 12.1., Athens 14.1. and Cairo 16.1.






Excellent photo of Junkers W 33 D-1472 operated by Deutsche Luft Hansa 





In spite of the fact that the aircraft was declared "w/o" - written off, according to the ASN report, the Thiesen report indicates that it was "transported to the Phaliron Air Base". Apparently the aircraft was repaired and returned to service or was sold.                                                                                  




LAB                                                              CB-19                                                                      1933

     - named "Mururata"                                                                                                                          


Transferred to the Bolivian military for use in the Chaco War                                               1933-35  


Accident:                                                  "                                                                3 Apr 1939  



Accident report from Aviation Safety Network:                                                                                                                                                  















Junkers W.33


Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano (LAB)



C/n / msn:



Fatalities: 4 / Occupants: 6

Other fatalities:


Airplane damage:

Written off (damaged beyond repair)


Chochis -    Bolivia





Departure airport:


Destination airport:

Santa Cruz de la Sierra


"Muruata" crashed. Radio-operator and three children died. Pilot and female passenger seriously injured.


The Hugo Junkers Homepage

Folha da Noite 12 April 1939, p1



Aircraft crashed near Chochis soon after taking off from Robore en route to Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Fatalities: 4; 2 survivors. Plane written off.




         Unable to find any photographs of CB-19 "Mururata" 






CB-20                    "Sajama"                                  



A similar Junkers W 33 



Junkers W 33                            c/n  ?                      




Built by Junkers JFM  Dessau, Germany                German Reg. No.  ?                                            ?  


Unknown previous owner                                    ?                                                                              ?  


LAB                                                                CB-20                                                                    1933  

     - named "Sajama"                                                                                                                              

     - used by the Bolivian military in the Chaco War                                                        1933-1935 ?  


Accident:                                                     "                                                            13 Mar 1937  

     - aircraft crashed near Cuibaja on a flight from Apolo and La Paz                                                  

     - no additional information has been found                                                                                      










Junkers W 34  "Vanguardia"  -  Photo: Jacques Hemet Collection



Junkers W 34ci                       c/n  2607                  




Built by Junkers JFM  Dessau, Germany                    Reg. No.  ?                                                    ?  


LAB                                                                CB- ?                                                            24 Jul 1929  

     - named "Vanguardia"                                                                                                                        

     - used by the Bolivian military in the Chaco War                                                                              

     - possibly converted to the military version - K 43                                                                            






K 43 military version of the W 34 in the Bolivian military colors 





Accident:                                                  "                                                             12 Apr 1939  

     - crashed at Villavicencio - location - Colombia ??                                                                                                





Junkers W 34   "Vanguardia"






CB-19          "Tunari"                                    



"Tunari" in flight - from a Croatian magazine article about Dragutina Balzarena, 

a Croatian pilot that flew Junkers aircraft in the Chaco War. 




Junkers W 34ci                       c/n  2608                  




Built by ATG - Germany                                  Reg. No.  ?                                                              ?    

     - Allgemeine Transportanlagen Gesselschaft  


LAB                                                                     CB-19                                                   1929 or 1930

     - named "Tunari"                                                                                                                                

     - used by the Bolivian military during the Chaco War                                                    1932-1934



K 43 military version of the W 34 used during the Chaco War 
 -  Drawing by Kristjan Runarsson 





Deutsche Lufthansa - DLH                                  D-OGIF                                                             1934


No additional information has been found.                                                                                                                                                                      



"Tunari" is partially obscured behind "Vanguardia" - Both W 34s 
- Photo: from the Jacques Hemet Collection