Aviation 101 Boeing B-17                              


     In Aug. 1934 the US Army Air Corp. submitted a request for proposals from the aircraft industry for a multi-engine bomber to replace the Martin B-10. Three companies responded; Douglas with its DB-1, Martin and the Model 146 and Boeing with the Model 299. During the competition held in Sept.-Oct. 1935, the four engine Boeing entry was considered to be superior to the other two twin engine candidates. In spite of a price tag almost double that of the two smaller aircraft, and in spite of the crash of the Boeing prototype on 30 Oct, it was Boeing Aircraft Co. that eventually received small orders for the Y1B-17, and in July 1940 an order for 512 of the B-17s was placed by the USAAC.                                    

     After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 Dec 1941, production of the B-17 quickly accelerated, and by the time production ended in May 1945 a total of 12,731 of the "Flying Fortresses" had been built by Boeing, Douglas and Vega (a subsidiary of Lockheed).                                                                    

     At the conclusion of the war, thousands of aircraft were ferried back to the USA and most were sold as scrap and melted down. Some were used by the USAF in secondary roles, with most of those being phased out by 1959. Some were sold or donated to many countries around the world, including many to South America and 25 to Bolivia. Twelve of these were operated by Lloyd Aereo Boliviano; the last B-17 was sold to a private freight company in 1971.  

     As of Aug. 2013, 46 intact B-17s were known to exist; on static display, being restored or air-worthy. And by 2015 only ten aircraft are now considered air-worthy.                                                          

     One of those survivors still flying is the "Sentimental Journey", operated by the Commemorative Air Force and based in Mesa, AZ. An extensive photographic tour of this special aircraft can be seen by clicking "A Classic B-17G..." on the top left side of this page.                                                                  




Various views of B-17 variants 





Cut-away view of B-17 

Specifications (B-17G)



3-view projection of a B-17G, with inset detail showing the "Cheyenne tail" and some major differences with other B-17 variants

Data from The Encyclopedia of World Aircraft

General characteristics



  • Guns: 13 × .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns in 8 positions (2 in the Bendix chin turret, 2 on nose cheeks, 2 staggered waist guns, 2 in upper Sperry turret, 2 in Sperry ball turret in belly, 2 in the tail and one firing upwards from radio compartment behind bomb bay)
  • Bombs:
    • Short range mission > 3,600 kg
  • Long range missions (≈800 mi): 4,500 lb (2,000 kg)
  • Overload: 17,600 lb (7,800 kg)



Production numbers



First flight

Model 299


28 July 1935



2 December 1936



29 April 1938.



27 June 1939



21 July 1940



3 February 1941



5 September 1941

B-17F (total)


30 May 1942










B-17G (total)


August 16, 1943














B-17s were built at Boeing Plant 2

Seattle, Washington (BO)

and starting with the B-17F also at

Lockheed Vega, Burbank California (VE) and

Douglas Aircraft, Long Beach California (DL)


LAB Boeing B-17 Aircraft Fleet                             

Detailed Histories and Photos of Eleven Aircraft



A similar B-17F 

Boeing B-17F-50-DL                                          c/n        8296                                




Built by Douglas Aircraft Co. in Long Beach CA                                                                         1943


USAAF                                                      42-3360                                                                              

                              - accident during "uneven taxiing" at Orlando FL                                      Jul 1943                                 - SOC at Searcy Field, Stillwater OK                                                               1944

War Assets Corp. Disposals                                                                                                      abt.1945


Paul Mantz  -  Glendale CA                       NC67974                                                         19 Feb 1946

                               - bought from WACD                                                                                            

Paul Mantz Air Services                                  "                                                                       Aug 1946


California Atlantic Airways                             "                                                                   8 May 1950

                               - St. Petersburg FL                                                                                                  

LAB                                                              CB-70                                                                         1951


LAB                                                              CP-570                                                                        1953

                               - re-registered

                               - accident  w/o in La Paz - no details                                                    21 Sep 1955






Hollywood career: In 1946 this aircraft was purchased by Paul Mantz from the War Assets Corp. in a lot of 475 wartime surplus bombers and fighters that he bought for $55,000. Of this large "fleet" of aircraft, which included 78 other B-17s, he chose twelve to use in movie making; the rest he sold for scrap at a large profit. Forty-two year old Mantz, an air racing pilot, was also a movie stunt pilot and he could see opportunities in these almost new, but surplus aircraft. Later that year he formed Paul Mantz Air Services which provided planes and pilots to production companies for the filming of movies. This particular B-17F (c/n 8296) was used in several motion pictures including: 'The Best Years of Our Lives"  - 1946; "Command Decision" - 1948; "Chain Lightning" - 1950; among others.




A great source of information (in Spanish) about the B-17's in Bolivia: 

El mejor fuente de informacion sobre los B-17's en Bolivia:















Aircraft on left: 41-24434 "The Mud Hen", Mount Farm,UK 1943 - Photo by Robert Astrella - Roger Freeman Collection  


Boeing B-17F-5-BO                                             c/n 3119                



Boeing Co.               - Boeing Model: 299               Built at Boeing Plant at Seattle WA            1941


USAAF                                                      41-24434                                                                    1942  

                 - delivered to RAF Middleton St. George Aerodrome, England                         9 Jul 1942

                 - del. to Bolling Field, Wash. D.C.                                                                    28 Jul 1942

                 - del. to Westover Field, MA                                                                              3 Oct 1942

                 - assigned to 15th Photo. Recon. Squadron of the 3rd Photo. Recon. Group                      

                 - delivered to RAF Membury, UK                                                                      7 Sep 1942

                 - delivered to RAF Steeple Morden, UK                                                      27 (Dec ?)1942

                 - transfered to US 12th Air Force in La Senia, Algeria                                      6 Dec 1942

                 - delivered to Algiers                                                                                        25 Dec 1942

                 - delivered to Le Kroub, Algeria                                                                         5 Jun 1943

                 - delivered to La Marsa, Tunisia                                                                       28 Jun 1943

                 - returned to US - Homestead AFB                                                                   14 Jul 1943

                 - delivered to Tinker AFB                                                                                 6 Aug 1943

                 - returned to Bari, Italy                                                                                    28 Dec 1943

                 - returned to US                                                                                                                    

Sperry Gyroscope Co.                              NX60475                                                                     1945

                 - contract work on aircraft avionics, gun turrets, etc.                                                                                                    

Charles Babb and Co.                                   N60475                                                                         ?    

                 - aircraft brokerage                                                                                                                                              

LAB                                                            CB-79                                                             5 Aug 1951


LAB                                                            CP-579                                                                   ? 1953


Frigorificos Grigota      - leased from LAB     "                                                                               ?    

                                      - accident                                                                                    29 Dec 1958

                                      - w/o                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


                                                                                                                                                                    Background: Before this aircraft arrived in Bolivia in 1951 as CB-79, it had seen action with the United States Army Air Forces in World War II, crossing the Atlantic six times between 1941 and

1944. It was registered as 41-24434 by the USAAF and was destined to fulfill its roll in the war effort as a long-range heavy bomber. It might have seen some brief action in July of 1942 when it was based in England, but fate had laid out a different path for this B-17F.


It was going to be assigned to the 15th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron of the 3rd Photo. Recon. Group stationed at RAF Membury, England. Prior to beginning this new career, "The Mud Hen" as it would be called, briefly returned to the US. I assume this would have been for installation of new electronics and photographic gear. The mission of the 15th PRS was to provide photographic intelligence and surveillance of enemy forces in southern Europe during the Allied campaign.


After leaving England by Dec 1942, the 15th PRC operated out of Algeria, then Tunisia in northern Africa. After a short return to the US in July 1943, likely for equipment upgrades, aircraft 41-24434 was stationed in Italy, probably for the remainder of the war.


In 1945, following the war, this aircraft was registered as N60475 and went to work at Sperry Gyroscope in New York. This company continued work on a wide variety of aircraft systems and electronics including analog-computer controlled gun sights, airborne radar systems and automated takeoff and landing systems. Sperry also invented the ball turret gun used in the B-17 bomber. This involvement with Sperry continued until 1950 or 1951, when the aircraft was sold to the brokerage firm Charles Babb and Co. dealing in new and used aircraft and aircraft parts. From there N60475 found it's way to Bolivia and became CB-79.




Accident: On 29 Dec 1958 this aircraft was involved in an accident near Uncia and was written off as damaged beyond repair. No further information has been found.                                                                                                                                    














Oklahoma Military Academy 1947 - Photo by Dick Phillips, et al. 



Boeing B-17G                            c/n 9300


Boeing Co.                                                                                                                             built: 1943                                                                                                                                                                  

USAAF                                                         43-38322                                                                                   Wright Field - (OH)                                                                                                       20 Jul 1944


      Great Falls AAF  -(MT)                                                                                                 23 Jul 1944


      Mat Com Wright - Materiel Command or Air Corps Maintenance Command             27 Jul 1944


      ATS Dayton - Air Technical Service                                                                             11 Jan 1945


      Clinton County AAF -(OH)                                                                                           30 Jan 1945


                   - incident ?                                                                                                        14 Feb 1945


      Wright Field                                                                                                                    5 Mar 1945


      4142 BU Wright Field - base unit                                                                                 19 Mar 1945


      4000 BU Wright                                                                                                            20 Apr 1945


      RFC Claremore - Reconstruction Finance Corps - (OK) - sold as scrap in US            18 Jan 1946


Oklahoma Military Academy - Rogers County OK                                                                       1946


Frank J Abel                                                                                                                          5 Jan 1948


Alvin B Graff                                                                                                                    11 May 1949


Owen W Williams / California Atlantic Airways  -  N66568                                            18 Jan 1951

                              - St. Petersburg FL                                                                                                  

LAB                                                                           CB-80                                               5 Aug 1951


LAB                                                                          CP-580                                               1 Oct 1954

                    - crashed at La Paz                                                                                           7 Feb 1965

                    - no details - stripped for parts for CP-627                                                              

                    - later rebuilt at La Paz                                                                                            

Frigorifico Reyes  - La Paz                                        CP-936                                                       1971

                    - crashed at San Ignacio de Moxos                                                                11 Feb 1972

                    - no details - stripped for parts for CP-627                                                                      

                    - w/o  written off                                                                                                                





At La Paz - late 1960's 






                               No photograph found




Boeing B-17G-50-DL                        c/n 22555      



Built by Douglas Aircraft Co. in Long Beach, CA                                                                      1944


USAAF                                                    44-5332                                                                        1944


                        - apparently this aircraft was built by Douglas for Boeing under a contract with the USAAF, but as WW II was winding down that military contract was canceled. It is sometimes identified as 44-6332. No other information could be found until the aircraft was registered in Bolivia as CB-88 in the early 1950's, and later in 1957 or 1958 as it was re-registered as CP-588.                                                                                    


LAB                                                          CB-88                                                                  early 50's


LAB                                                          CP-588                                                                 about 1958


Aerovias Moxos                                             "                                                                                ?      

                       - accident - destroyed and written off at an unknown location                     2 May 1963







CB-97  -  Photo from Samuel Sambra Collection


Boeing B-17G-65-BO                         c/n 8286     




Boeing Co.                                                                                                                            built: 1943


USAAF                                                                   43-37650                                                         1943


     Pyote Army Airfield, TX  -  B-17 crew training base                                                    8 May 1944                                                                                                                                                                  

     Great Falls Army Airbase, MT                                                                                     11 May 1944


     Pyote AAF, TX                                                                                                             14 May 1944


     Base Unit Biggs Army Airfield, TX                                                                             19 Aug 1944


     225th Base Unit Army Airbase Rapid City, SD                                                            22 Mar 1945


     Base Unit Dalhart Army Airfield, TX                                                                          15 July 1945


     4136th Base Operating Unit, Tinker Army Air Base, OK                                             9 Sept 1945


     Base Unit Dalhart AAF, TX                                                                                         15 Sept 1945


     244th BU Harvard Army Airfield, NE                                                                          29 Oct 1945


Reconstruction Finance Corp. at Altus, OK                                                                        7 Nov 1945

                           - sold for scrap metal                                                                                            

                           - in storage at Altus                                                                                                    

War Assets Administration                                                                                                            1947

                          - flown from Altus, OK to Russell Field, TX                                                              

                          - used as an airport marker (see photos below)                                                            

Owen W. Williams / California Atlantic Airways  N66570                                                          1952

                           - St. Petersburg, FL                                                                                                      

LAB                                                                          CB-97                                                   Nov 1952


LAB                                                                          CP-597                                                          1955


Accident                                                                          "                                                    5 Sep 1955




The story of how it got to Bolivia: This aircraft was flown to Russell Field, TX from the WAA storage yards in Altus OK.  It was used as an airport marker for several years with the airport name painted prominently on it's wings. It eventually was one of the surplus B-17s bought up by Owen W. Williams, possibly a bit illegally, and was assigned the tail number N66570. Williams evidently had trouble registering the aircraft as it turns out the seller didn't actually own it and, as with several other Williams' B-17s it was quickly sold out of the country to a Bolivian company. -  Information taken from the Aero Vintage Books website.







From the Nicholas A. Veronico Collection - abt 1947 




USAAF  43-37650 - from Nicholas A. Veronico Collection  - about 1947 





USAAF 43-37650 at Russell Field, TX  





CB-97 in CBB ? in 1952 - Part of the Ed Coates Collection 







The Accident: On 5 Sept 1955, LAB CP-597, on a cargo flight, collided in mid-air near Cochabamba with another LAB aircraft, the DC-3 CP-572, which was on a scheduled passenger flight. The B-17 crashed near Cochabamba taking the lives of the three occupants. The DC-3 was substantially damaged in the collision, but was able to make an emergency landing at the Trinidad airport; no injuries were sustained by the passengers or crew. The DC-3 was repaired and returned to service.








Photo from the Charles M. Daniels Collection 


Boeing B-17G-110-VE                          c/n 8749   



Built under contract with Boeing Co. by Lockheed / Vega in Burbank, CA                                1944


USAAF                                              44-85840                                                                             1944


     Used by the USAAF as a TB-17G                   Special duty training version                                    

                                 and as a VB-17G                  VIP transport                                                            

     Delivered to Dallas-Love Field, TX                                                                             28 July 1945


     Stored at South Plains Army Air Field near Lubbock, TX                                                                                                            

     One source states "as one of 20 set for United States Coast Guard", USCG records do not

      include this aircraft. Either 17 or 18 B-17s were transferred to the USCG starting in July 1946

      and were re-designated as PB-1W; the last B-17 was retired from Coast Guard service in 1959.


     Accident as VB-17G at Amarillo AFB, TX                                                                 19 Dec 1951


     In storage at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ                                                                                            


Civilian conversion by Hamilton Aircraft of Tucson, AZ                                                                      


Delivered to Government of Bolivia                                                                                  22 Jun 1956


LAB                                                        CP-620                                                                   Nov 1956  


Returned to the US                                                                                                                        1968


Purchased by Aircraft Specialties of Mesa, AZ   N620L                                                      Dec 1968


Flown to Hawaii                                                                                                                            1969


Used in filming the motion picture "Tora Tora Tora"                                           starting in Jan 1969


Damaged while landing during filming                                                                                 Mar 1969


Repaired; then converted to fire tanker by Aircraft Specialties of Mesa, AZ                               1969 ?


Flown as Fire Tanker C-54; later as "54"                                                                              1969-1973


"Crashed and destroyed during fire bomber run near Elko, NV. Updrafts and downdrafts, 40 knot winds. Following steep turn downwind over downslope of mountain, pilot failed to maintain airspeed, stalled, two crew killed." - National Transportation Safety Board document.                        









Photo from the Jeffrey L. Ethell Collection 















Late 1940's  Tinker AFB, OK 


B-17G-105-VE                                    c/n 8683      




Built under contract with Boeing Co. by Lockheed / Vega in Burbank, CA                               1944


USAAF                                                    44-85774                                                                      1944


     Used by the USAAF as a VB-17G           VIP transport                                                                  


     Based part of this time at Hamilton Army Air Field near Novato,CA                                              


     Accident at Great Falls Army Air Base, MT on landing due to icing                        25 Mar 1952  


     In storage at Davis-Monthan Army Air Field, AZ                                                                            


Converted to civilian use by Hamilton Aircraft, Tucson, AZ                                                       1956  


Delivered to Fuerzas Aereas Bolivianas - FAB                                                                 22 Jun 1956  


LAB                                                          CP-621                                                                 Dec 1956  


Returned to US                                         N621L                                                                  Sep 1968  


Aircraft Specialties   Mesa, AZ                     "                                                                       Dec 1968  


One of five B-17's flown to Hawaii for filming of "Tora Tora Tora"                            Jan-Mar 1969


Converted to fire tanker by Aircraft Specialties  Mesa, AZ                                                                  


Flown as Fire Tanker C-64 usually under contract with the US Forest Service                                    


Destroyed in a crash - no details found                                                                                  Jul 1975  







Fire Tanker C-64  -  Early 1970-'s   




Photo by Brian Lockett - 1971 


Photo by Brian Lockett - 1974 

















Runway activity at Albrook AAF including an unidentified B-17 and US Pres. Harry Truman's plane landing  -  Apr 1950

 B-17G-95-DL                                     c/n 32391    





Built by Douglas Aircraft Co. at the Long Beach, CA plant under contract from Boeing in 1944      


USAAF                                                44-83750                                                                     1944    


     Converted to VB-17G                   VIP transport                                                                            


     Stationed at Albrook Army Air Field, Panama Canal Zone                                                            


     Part of the Caribbean Air Command; protecting the Panama Canal                                                


     Assigned to the 5700th Air Base Wing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

     Accident: occurred at Albrook AAF - two killed in taxiing accident including the pilot John B.            Wallace                                                                                                                    15 June 1951


Aircraft repaired and later converted to civilian use by Hamilton Aircraft of Tucson, AZ                  


FAB - Fuerzas Aereas Bolivianas                                                                                              1956    


LAB                                                      CP-623                                                                  Nov 1956    


Accident: aircraft was destroyed at El Alto / La Paz                                                       28 Jul 1958  

                 - no additional information has been found                                                                          









                                              I have not found any photos of CP-623                                                  











Location unknown - late 1950's 



B-17G-110-BO                               c/n 10285        




Built by Boeing Co. at the Plant No. 2 near Seattle, WA                                                             1943


USAAF                                                    43-39307                                                                       1943

                      - sometimes listed as 43-39367 with construction number 10345                                    

     In storage at Davis-Monthan Army Air Field                                                                                    


     Struck off charge - S.O.C. - removed from military inventory                                                 1956


Converted to civilian use by Hamilton Aircraft, Tucson, AZ                                                        1956


Delivered to the Government of Bolivia                                                                                June 1956


LAB                                                          CP-625                                                                  Nov 1956


Accident: near San Lorenzo                                                                                               17 Nov 1959

                   - no additional information has been found                                                                        











rebuilt as  CP-891   



USAF Ottawa Embassy Air Attache Boeing CB-17G Flying Fortress 44-6393 (1949)



Photo from "Roll Out" - airlinehobby.com 



Photo from "Roll Out" 




B-17G-50-DL                 c/n  22616    




Built under contract with Boeing Co. by Douglas Aircraft Co. - Long Beach, CA                     1944


USAAF                                44-6393                                        22 Jul 1944  


     To Kearney Army Air Field, NE                                              Jul 1944  


     Allocated to 15th Air Force, Italy - Mediterranean Theater of Operations                     Aug 1944  


     Used by Gen. Ira Eaker, - Commander of Mediterranean Allied Air Forces                                    

     Aircraft designated "Starduster"        Spent ten months in combat                                                    


     To 4112th AAF Base Unit  (Air Technical Service Command)  Olmstead AAF, PA      Jun 1945


     To 1st AAF Base Unit (Continental Air Force), Bolling AAF, DC                                May 1946

        Converted to CB-17G - troop transport version                                                                            

        Deployed to Patterson AAF, OH and Twelfth Air Force                                                              


     To 35th AAF Base Unit (Strategic Air Command) Bolling AAF                                   Aug 1946  


     To 16th Special Air Missions Squadron (Bolling Field Command), Bolling AFB, DC Mar 1948  


     To 18th Maintenance and Support Group (Far East Air Forces), Clark AB Philippines Sep 1948  


     To 1134th Special Air Missions Detachment (HQ US Air Force), Nanking AB China  Oct 1948  


     To 18th Maintenance and Support Group (FEAF), Clark AB                                          Jan 1949  

        Converted to VB-17G - VIP transport                                                                                            


     To 1130th Special Air Missions Group (HQ USAF), Nanking AB                                  Jul 1949  


     To Middletown Air Materiel Area, Olmstead AFB, PA                                                   Sep 1949  

        Converted to CB-17G  -  troop transport version                                                                            


     To 1130th Special Air Missions Group (HQ USAF) Ottawa AP Canada                        Nov 1949

         Converted to VB-17G - VIP transport                                                                           Apr 1950  [see photo above]


     To Middletown Air Materiel Area, Olmstead AFB                                                           Sep 1953


     To 3510th Flying Training Wing (Air Training Command), Randolph AFB, TX            Nov 1953


     To 3040th Aircraft Storage Squadron (Air Materiel Command), Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ            

                                                                                                                                                  Sep 1956

     Dropped from inventory by transfer to Mutual Defense Assistance Program                    Jun 1957


Converted to civilian use by Hamilton Aircraft  -  Tucson,AZ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Transferred to the Bolivian Government                                    Jun 1956


LAB                              CP-627                                                  Jan 1957


Accident:   Belly landing following undercarriage failure at El Alto-La Paz                   27 Aug 1968


Rebuilt using parts from CP-580 / 43-38322                                                                                 1969


Re-registered                                        CP-891                                                                              1969


Frigorifico Reyes, La Paz                          "                                                                            Sep 1969

                         - used to carry freight, principally meat, from the northern and eastern lowlands        

                           to the Altiplano; La Paz                                                                             1969-1980

                         - stored in La Paz                                                                                         late 1970's

Sold to the USAF to be restored and preserved at March AFB, CA                                             1981


Arrival at March Field Air Museum, CA from La Paz, Bolivia                                         10 Jan 1981

                         - following this flight the aircraft had approximately 13,000 hours of flight time        

Originally restored and displayed as 42-30092 "2nd Patches"                                             1997-1998


Displayed as 44-6393 "Second Patches"                                                                                                


Restored and re-painted as Y-1, "Return to Glory"                     1999


Restored to WWII identity as "Starduster"                                 2014




March Field Air Museum - May 2016


March Field Air Museum - May 2016





Interesting Link with photos:









Photo by Michael Baldock - 1993 March AF Museum


Photo by Dave Allport  -  1997  March AF Museum


March AF Museum - Feb 2002 









This registration number refers to a B-17F-65-DL  aircraft with an interesting history,but which does not have any connection to Bolivia or Lloyd Aereo Boliviano. Some confusion comes from the fact that some photographs of this plane show a paint scheme with the letters LAB; this refers to the Nicaraguan company Linea Aerea Borinquen, that registered the aircraft as AN-AMI in 1960 shortly before they went out of business. Another source of confusion comes from a registration of CP-633 or sometimes listed as P-633. Neither of these is correct; the company requesting the new registration is listed as Empresa Eximas Ltda. - of Bogota, Colombia.                                                              













42-6073 visible among aircraft received at Hancock Field, CA Nov 1945



B-17F-45-VE                                         c/n 6369    




Built under contract with Boeing Co. by Lockheed Vega at Burbank, CA                                  1942


USAAF                                                   42-6073                                                               13 Jul 1942


     Long Beach Army Air Field, CA                                                                                 13 Jul 1943 ?


     Cheyenne Municipal Airport, WY (Joint military/civilian use during WWII)              17 Jul 1943


     248 Base Unit Walker Army Air Corps Flying School, NM                                          4 Jun 1944


     232 BU Dalhart AAF, TX                                                                                              11 Jul 1944


     248 BU Walker AAC, NM                                                                                            25 Jan 1945


     4112 BU Olmstead AAF, PA                                                                                        23 Jul 1945


     248 BU Walker AAC, NM                                                                                            5 Aug 1945


Reconstruction Finance Corp.   -   sold for scrap metal in US                                                      1945


RFC - Santa Ana AAF, CA                                                                                               22 Sep 1945


Transferred by RFC to Hancock College, Santa Maria, CA                                                 Nov 1945  

     - Univ. of California, School of Aeronautics                                                                                    

     - included in a group of 12 aircraft transferred to Hancock by the RFC                                          

     - as an instructional airframe for "non-flight training and experimentation"                                    


Jack Lynsdale, St. Paul, MN                  N7942A                                                             12 Apr 1954


Lynsdale Flying Service, St. Paul, MN       "                                                                      1 Sep 1957


Minnesota Airmotive, Minneapolis, MN     "                                                                    13 Sep 1957


L.B. Smith Aircraft Corp. Miami, FL          "                                                                      8 Sep 1960


Sold to the Bolivian Government                                                                                           Sep 1960  


Corporacion Boliviana de Fomento          CP-686                                                            15 Sep 1960  


Struck-off  US Civil Registry                                                                                            21 Dec 1960


LAB                                                                "                                                                   5 Apr 1965  

       - used to carry freight                                                                                                                      


Accident:  Crashed and destroyed in Trinidad                                                                    4 Nov 1965

       -  some sources list this date as 1968                                                                                              

       -  no other details of this accident have been found                                                                        






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